Friday, October 31, 2014

Monster Boxes!!

Hey everyone... do I have some fun little Monster Boxes to share with you today!
How freaking adorable are they?  They are all mini treat sized boxes..they hold quite a bit of hershey kisses..and other small fun snacks .... check out the details on each below!
A BUNDLE of all pictured boxes is available here on FRIDAY! 
MONSTER BOX BUNDLE (save when you buy this)!

Here is Bitzy!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

San Francisco Giants World Series Champs!

Ok ok.. first and foremost..... I am THE most unsporty person you will ever meet.  Yep.. .this household does not watch a single sporting event like EVER.... Never watched a Superbowl, World Cup or World Series....just not our THING... HOWEVER, a good friend of mine is a HUGE San Fran Giants in honor of their win last night for the 2014 World Series, I created this cute Giants Tokidoki Cactus pup to send to her!  YAY GIANTS!!

I used the mini Nugget Platform base for my catcus pup and add some fun Jaded Blossom products too!
Recipe to make

SVG Cutting Files
Tokidoki Cactus Pup (not available for purchase)
Mini Nugget Platform Holder

Jaded Blossom
Kitty Kitty
Go Team
Candy Wraps
Candy Wrap Dies
Candy Charms and Banner Die

Trendy Twine
Orange Licorice

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Harumff! Its Gruffin Time!!

Meet Gruffin!
He will be available on FRIDAY....
I added a bridge (see his story below)...on a treat tag and added that to a gusset bag filled with some matching colorful Sixlets!

The gruffest of Squarey Trolls, Gruffin is a grumpy facade who is known for hiding happy monsters and happy feelings under Buffaloney Bridge. There are ways to get through to him, but there is no tried and true method. He’s unpredictable. Tell him a joke he’s heard before, and he might snap you in two. Best to avoid him all together, but if you do run into him (or feel the urge to make him release a happy monster) be prepared for an earth-rattling, “Harumff!!!”

Learn more about Squarey Monsters on their FB Page HERE

Friday, October 24, 2014

What's This? What's This? A Nightmare Before Christmas MINI blog hop!

What's this? What's this?

I can't believe my eyes

What's this? What's this?

another Mini hop surprise!

Its Time!  The Holidays are fast upon us, and so we had to have a mini hop to show our love for "The Nightmare Before Christmas!"

As always, our hops are sponsored by SVG Cutting Files & Jaded Blossom
Sit back and enjoy this MINI blog hop... 
but remember, its only 
24 hours long and ends PROMPTLY at 11:59 PST tonight!

You can earn the free SVG files being showcased by our talented DT by following the guides below!

1- Make sure to be a FOLLOWER on each stop along this hop. 
There are 8 in total.
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And now for my project!
Now dont go to crazy at what Im about to say.....
I am NOT a huge fan of Nightmare Before Christmas!  I have NEVER sat through the whole thing start to finish.... soooo I just looked at images online and found that at some point Jack gets covered in snow and looks like a snowman. So THAT is where this projects stems from ha ha..
I embossed the body parts and then I took some black twine and stitched his mouth lines. I LOVE texture afterall, so I needed to do something to make him not so plain!
I added him on the NEW file, Fold Over Treat Holder, which holds the 3 X 4 treat bags perfectly.
I used the icicle border from Winter Dies to edge of the top of the holder , and then stamped  a sentiment from Christmas Signs on the Fall Dies (sign board) 
I wanted a nice pop of color to offset all the purple, so that is where the green hat and the pink twine come into play!
oh...and I filled my treat with Yogurt Raisins.. sooo YUMMY....yea, I polished off the bag once the picture was taken and edited! lol
close up of my Jack face!

In case you get lost along the is the complete Mini Blog Line Up:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ann's Birthday Bash Blog Hop

Hello! And Welcome to Ann's Surprise Birthday Bash!

This blog hop has been put together to celebrate Ann's birthday!! 

For those of you who don't know, Ann is the owner of SVG Cutting Files. She also creates all the files we use on our fun hops that you hoppers get for free!! Ann does SO MUCH for so many other people that we have decided to put together this surprise blog hop just for her to help celebrate her Birthday!


No free files on this hop but there are some prizes and fun involved with this bash!! 

We will pick two winners from those who comment and follow all the blogs in this hop.. 
the first prize is a $15 Jaded Blossom Gift Certificate 
and the second prize is a $15 SVG Cutting Files Gift Certificate

Anyone who places an order this weekend (no matter how big or small) from SVG Cutting Files will be put into a drawing to win two Jaded Blossom stamp sets of their choice!!

Make a Birthday Project (for Ann if you want, or for anyone else) using SVG Cutting Files and upload it to the SVG Cutting Files Galleria on facebook. Upload your photo by 10/31! One winner will win a $25 Jaded Blossom Gift Certificate!



Here is the line up in case you get lost.. 


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Cupcake! Its a Beary Sweet Day for you!

Hi everyone...
Today I have some ADORABLE Beary Sweet mini notes to share with you!

I used the Beary Sweet Cupcakes 2 file (available on Friday) and the mini note card bases to make these adorable and yummy cards!

See Candace is not the ONLY DT member that can make awesome cupcakes!!  That's right, I can too!!  (Just in paper form, while she does it in actual edible form! LOL)

I just LOVE making the mini note cards because they come together SUPER FAST and easy!

I used some washi tape from my stash to add to the bottom of each card, jute twine as the cherry stem & of course the perfect complimentary sentiment from Jaded Blossom's Hey Cupcake!
Here is what the full Cupcakes 2 file looks like (available Friday) - how fun are they?
Want to learn more about Beary Sweet? Click the logo below!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Have a Hap Hap Happy Holiday!

Hi everyone..
I wanted to share with you today some super fast but adorable treat holders you can whip up fast for the upcoming holiday season!

Holiday treat tags!!
I made one as a framed tag and the other as a shaker tag so you can see the variations of what you can do with these fun stamps and dies!

 Here are 2 treat tag ideas for 2 totally different holidays!  First is NEW YEARS and then Christmas!  As you can see.. same concept, but you can get 2 totally different looks and effects!
They both use the Treat Tag Die and the Holiday Treat Tag stamp set. What I love about this stamp set is that you get FOUR treat tags stamps.. New Years, 2 Christmas, & Thanksgiving.
I had some Sticky back glitter foam and cut out several treat tag dies in Chipboard to get the desired thickness I wanted and needed. Then I cut one from the foam as well to frame it.
I then Tied the treat tags to the 1 X 6 tube holders and filled with kisses!
I wanted the classic look of New Years so made this in Black, White and Silver.
I cut some fun Stars in the giltter foam as well.
I had some pretty silver ribbon and added some Doodlebug Washi to the end of the tube.

On the Christmas Treat Tag.. the concept was the same as the other, except MORE layers so that I could add a top layer of acetate and add doodlebug sequins for a shaker tag!
Again I wrapped some fun washi to the end of the tube.

You can see in the top right corner of my tag, the chipboard layers.. its about 1/8"-1/4" thick.

I hope this inspires you to make your own fun tags this holiday season! Add them to treat or even just as package toppings. There are so many fun uses for them, you will be on a roll once you get started!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Holiday Collection Blog Hop

Hi everyone...and welcome to the Holiday Collection Blog hop!
The blog hop we put together for you today is a Collection of classic images from the Peanuts/Charlie Brown Holiday TV shows that we have all grown up with!

So sit back and relax as our DT takes you through "Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown", "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and "A Charlie Brown Christmas".

Our blog hop is for 48 hours ONLY and ends PROMPTLY at 11:59 PST Saturday Night.

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**Kindly remember that all our hop files abide by our TERMS OF USE
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And now for my project!
Today I decided to make cute Sally, Charlie Brown's little sister!
I placed Sally on the  Tree Tube holder and sized her so that it looks as if she is reaching to add another ornament to the decorated tree.
I tied it off with some red twine.  The 1 X 6 tube is filled with rolos and the sentiment is from Christmas Wishes stamped on a die from Halloween Dies.

close up of Sally!

Here is the complete Blog Line Up in case you lost your way!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Monster Bundle Lollipops... DONK!!

Hi everyone.. with so many monsters being released today over at SVGCuttingFiles, I decided to show you a few things you can do with the few BUNDLES we have for you!

Meet DONK!

 I used the DONK Bundle.... to make a set of Lollipops! These will be awesome for Halloween Handouts, Classroom treats, and party favors too.  Donk has many expressions, and I wanted to show you them all today!!
To make them I used the DONK bundle and sized them to fit on top of the  base of the Animal Head lollipops, (I just simply cut the ears off Monkey one!)

I used paper straws I have had for ages and cut them down to make covers for the lollipop sticks.  I then used different mini tag dies and stamps (monster mash, monster candies) to create these adorable pops!

I hope you liked me little MONSTERS!
Many more to come all month long!

You can learn more about Squarey Monsters on their FB page HERE or by clicking the icon below!
Stop on by and LIKE them..and tell them Annie sent ya!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Who is ready to Tango- Go???

Wait until you meet Tango-Go! I love his BOLD Bright Colors!!
Tango-Go will be available in the store on Friday!

This creature is an arrange-a-tang of the G.Mod genus. Typically an arrange-a-tang is a citrus creature who can shape-shift, or “arrange” itself into any shape to suit any meal. They’re goal in life is pretty much to be eaten; so as genetically modified fruit monsters they’ll hide in recipes, and wait for you. Tango-go in particular likes party food. Unfortunately for him, since very few people have good, nutritious food at parties he remains uneaten. Fortunately for you his G.Mod horns won’t get you.

How SUPER FUN is he? Again Tango GO will be in stores FRIDAY!!
Since he is a citrus creature, I found the fun Peachy O gummies candy for him.
 I added my candy treats into the 3 X 4 bags and attached them to the Ticket Die.
Tango-Go just went perfect with this Berrylicious sentiment!

These and all our Squarey Monster cut files are based off original artwork from Squarey Monsters.  Check them all out here!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Meet Pixelpus - a new Squarey Monster for you to love!

Hi everyone! Annie here from CreatingAnniething!
Today I wanted to introduce you to an amazing new Squarey Monster.....

His name is Pixelpus!

Now here is a little backstory about Pixelpus and what he is all about!

This is the one-of-a-kind creature who eats pixels inside all kinds of digital displays. Your monitor, your smart phone, your tablet even your television — none of these are safe. Pixelpus is currently green, but he can be red or blue too. It really depends on which pixels he’s recently eaten more recently. After all, you are what you eat.

So in keeping with his description, you can see I kept my Pixelpus green..but added him to a red & blue color scheme for when/if he changes his colors!

The Squarey Monster Pixelpus will be available on Friday...
I placed him on the Ornate Label Card Base.

Since Pixelpus eats pixels, I thought this sentiment worked AWESOME with him...
its from the NERD set at Jaded Blossom and I added it to a Candy Charm and Banners Die.

I added some fun embellishing with Doodle Bug Sequins and some cute twine from my stash!

Squarey Monsters is a registered Trademark of Monkey Doodle Dandy --
visit and learn more about the monsters by clicking their logo below!