Friday, September 26, 2014

Let's get Animated!!

Let's Get Animated!!
Welcome to the Animated Blog Hop Event!!

How fun is this going to be?  Cheery, Bright and Animated, we have a great Hop lined up for you!  This hop will run for 48 hours, unlike our typical 24 --- so don't rush, enjoy the projects and make sure you follow and play along according to the guides below!
Hop ends PROMPTLY on Saturday 9/27 at 11:59pm PST

The hop begins over at Jaded Blossom, in case you didnt start at the beginning. 
As always, this hop is sponsored by Jaded Blossom & SVG Cutting Files.

The Guidelines
1- Follow each of the blogs on this hop --(16 total)
2- Leave a comment on each of the blogs in the hop - (16 total)
3- Submit your form to receive your free files -- 
so fill out the form ONLY if you agree to abide by our TOU.
**Filling out the form is NOT a guarantee of files... please be patient while the system verifies your information and it will redirect you to the landing page to collect your downloads.

And now for my project!
I decided to do a Pixar Short instead of a movie.
My Project is based off the short film La Luna

Its a super cute movie of 3 generations of Moon Cleaners ---
and how they each do the same task completely different.
...the moon is made up of millions of STARS 

So I used the Free (for today only) La Luna file on a new card base I hope to have in the store for you next week
I added Jaded Blossom Star Dies, Journal Die and Sentiment from Superstar!
His eyes are handmade sprinkles I did.
I topped it all off with some adorable midnight Twine.

Got Confused (Squirrel!) in the hop? Here is the complete line up to help you out!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Arrggggg Talk Like A Pirate Mini Blog Hop!

Ahoy and Avast for our Talk Like a Pirate Mini Blog hop!

Me name be Disembowlin' Gertrude Grimm.
Make sure you sign the itinerary (comment) with your Official Pirate name for a chance to win a $10 Jaded Blossom Gift Certificate

Ye are welcome, if you dare, to join our Talk Like A Pirate Mini Hop.
There best be 'no fooling around here, or ye will be forced to walk the plank!

Now  ye don't want to miss any stops along the way, saavy?
Make sure you started with Candace and follow The CODE of the pirates below
(shiver me timbers, dont be talking about "the code")
Pirates follow it but don't talk 'bout it...

The Code
1- Follow each of the blogs on this mini hop --there be 9 in total mate!
2- Leave a comment on each of the blogs in the hop - watch yer bones about ya, if you cant say something nice, we will make ya walk the plank!
3- Submit your form to receive your free files -- if ye don't follow the screen prompts, don't be a scalleywag and say ye never got your files.  
Real Pirates follow the rules and abide by The Code at all times...
 only bilge rats try to steal!
**Terms and Conditions apply, so fill out ye form and be patient will ya?
Lets all be smartly about the hop and have a beauty of a time!

Aye Aye and now for the projects!!

Shiver me Timbers, ye 'no I couldn't resist with one, aye aye?
All of my projects revolve around none other then Cap'n Jack Sparrow of course!!
Today I made a Jack Sparrow Handled Bag and matching Card!
I used the JACK BAG layers and added them to the So Jacked Handled Bag -- these fit together so well! Now the Jack layers are free today only, but the bag file is in the store.

So here is the handled bag with the Jack Layers, I used Pirate Booty Stamps and Pirate Candies to make the awesome caramel bombs.  I used Kraft twine and braided it to represent sailor type knots (I DID make the s knot but it didnt lie flat, boo)... the Mini Tag Dies 2 works so awesome with the overlook I was going for!

 This is one of the Mini Tag Dies 2 die.. I simply folder one ended and attahed to the underside of my candy..and added some Jute "fuse" to create adorable candy bombs!

My next project is actually NOT included in the hop files.. Its Jack's very own TATTOO  of the Sparrow.  I cut it out in Vinyl and added it to a Dollar Tree Black journal. I beat up this journal.. soaked it out in the rain for a few days.. then took sandpaper to make it all old and weathered. I really LOVE how it came out!
I think took some beads I  had lying around in my storage and added them out.  I love those Skull Beads (don't ask where I got them from, I have had them for like 7 years so I honestly don't remember!)  I added another awesome stamp sentiment from Jaded Blossom's Pirate Booty!!

Inside of the stained pages, I added the Pirate Candy stamps to the corners!

Now for my Final Project today!
I have seen Michelle doing amazing glass etching projects for some time now. She makes it look so EASY, so I just HAD to give it a go!
I bought a glass canister jar at Walmart for like $5... 
then I used the FREE Jack Head Silhouette and made this jar for a friend.
I love how it came out, although I dont tdon't my photo really captures it well. Its is quite hard to take a photo of glass! 
I wrapped some jute twine around the handle and rims to give it a more masculine feel. Then I finished it off with a few mini tag dies and stamps...and another awesome Skull Bead!
I plan to layer this baby with some cookie mixture ingredients and call it her Jar of Dirt!! 

Got ye self lost eh?
Take a look at this here line up then....
Candace (Swabbin' Marcy Cutler)
Annie ( Disembowlin' Gertude Grimm)
Gwen (Cap'n Julia Slashface)
Crystal (Hobblin' Velma Dawkins)
Gigi (Pirate Alena the Sword Test Dummy)
Mel (Cap'n Aurora Graybeard)
Barb (Pirate Darby the Pale)
Michelle (Pirate Mary the Back-Stabber)
Jaded  Blossom (Almost Blind Rachel)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Little S'more will do ya!

Hi Everyone!
Today I'm sharing with you a simple and quick S'more Treat Kit!!

First I used the super FUN, Stay Puft Marshmallow man for my main image.  He is just too cute. I love it!  I put him on the Fancy Topper Die and filled the 2.25 X 8 treat bags with some square graham crackers, hershey kisses and mini marshies!  Yes, truly, just pile it on & zap it in the microwave for a few seconds and instant gooey, yummy S'mores!

I added some Cherry Red Maya Road twine to tie in with his scarf and hat ribbon.
I used the adorable sentiment from Got S'mores!
Here is a close up of Stay Puft...

Wanna know how to earn this cutie cut file?
Leave me a comment below...
then Re-pin it on pinterest. 
Once we hit 150+ re-pins/likes... I will list him in the Member Area!

Did you know JAMIE has another Ghostbuster PIN IT to earn it file too?