Friday, July 25, 2014

Save the Animals Charity Blog Hop

Hello and Welcome to the Save the Animals Charity Blog Hop!

If you're here from MICHELLE then you're in the right place. If not then you will want to start at the beginning HERE

This Blog Hop will work a little differently than our past ones.
 We give free SVGs all the time, and this time, we are asking YOU to give back to the Animals by donating to our fundraising campaign "Save the Animals".
By donating, you can earn exclusive SVGs. Here is a look at the donation levels. And as a BONUS since your donation is going to a charity, its a tax write off!! So keep your receipt!

Here is an example of the donation screen.. When donating, please make sure to include your email address under "personal note" so that we can send you the SVGs that pertain to your donation level (it will not be published on the website)

Each person in this hop picked one animal to represent today.
 I picked the TIGER, as I always found them to be such beautiful creatures! 
Here are some interesting facts about Tiger extinction!
Until the 20th Century there were nine tiger subspecies that probably numbered over 100,000 animals. Today, there are only 5 or 6 subspecies of Tiger left, totalling about 3,200. 
In 100 years, we have lost SO MUCH...lets not let any more Tigers die! 
The Tigers are nearly ALL GONE, do to the high Asian Black Market for their skins bones & body parts (used in folk medicines) as well as habitat loss that results from logging and other forms of forest destruction.
For more information about Tigers , Click here
to ADOPT a Tiger (you get a nice adoption package), CLICK HERE
Now on to my project.. 
 Here is the outside front on my Hershey Holder. The Chibi Tiger is new in the store TODAY!  I just LOVE how it came out... love them big old cat eyes!
I used the Grass Border from Jaded Blossom and cut several leaves from Jungle Animal Slide cards.
The flower is also from the Spring Dies set with a cute Sentiment Candy stamp from Wild Animal Candies.
 Here is the inside of my candy holder.  I even decked it out with more leaves so its really a nice lush jungle!
I used the Curly Label Die for my sentiment! This is one of my FAVORITE dies!
The sentiment is a combination from Fight for a Cure & Go Wild.
Close up view.

Thank you so much for checking out our Blog Hop.
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Here is the line up for the hop! Next up is my very good friend JAMIE!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Raising Autism Awareness.... Squaredy Cat Style

Hmmmmmmmmmm.... why is this post one of a personal nature to me? 
 I LOVE and live with some afflicted by AUTISM

Autism is not the same for every family that is diagnosed with it.  
There are different levels to this neurological disability, and I live with a nearly 16 year old son with it.
I love my son to the moon and back (times infinity.)  
He is an amazing kid with an amazing smile and the most contagious laugh I have ever heard. 
 His name is Colin.  He is one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world.

To all the families living with this diagnosis, a big round of applause goes out to you, as I know the struggles, fears, anxiety, AND the love, laughter and joy you experience.  I am so VERY blessed to have an amazing team that work with my son on a daily basis both during school hours and after school for therapy.  I thank EVERYONE at BHS and to Carol and Dan.  You will forever be an important factor in our family and our lives.  Thank you for all you do for my sweet boy, Colin.

HELP CONTINUING AWARENESS BY PETITIONING TO CONGRESS to HELP SAVE AUTISM FUNDING... This is a growing epidemic we can no longer avoid!! 

When I saw the Squaredy Cat Autism Awareness cat last year, it was my ULTIMATE favorite one they have ever created.  I have posted it on my FB wall, have it saved as my desktop wallpaper, etc.  I just LOVE anything that brings awareness to Autism, and this one is done in such a CUTE way!

So my simple project today was the Autism cat as a treat topper.
Ok didnt START off this way, as its quite larger then a normal treat topper I would make. It initially was to be a card..but I just did not like the card base I had it on. So then I thought.. CANDY STICK treat.. hmmm..yea it was way too big for the 1 X 8 then I opted for the treat topper, as I was clearly running out of time.    
The Autism Squaredy Cat will be available in the store on Friday.
He is soo cute, and well worth the effort of all the pieces involved.

He is on the Fancy Topper Die from Jaded Blossom, and I put some Dessert Skittles in the 3 X 4 Clear bags.
The Fight for a Cure has really GREAT sentiments in regards to raising awareness, so I chose "Stand Behind the Ribbon" for my mini die.
Close up of the Squaredy Cat Cut File
Close up of the Jaded Blossom Stamp and Die

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Louisiana Squaredy Cat - PARTY ON!!!

Hi everyone! Today I have this super cute Squaredy Cat dressed for Mardi Gras (he is the Louisiana Squaredy Cat)
For the Hello Kitty blog Hop, click HERE
There were tons of pieces in this cut file..but I love all the texture it gives in the end!
The Louisiana Squaredy Cat is just TOO CUTE!  I added him to a 2 X 2 X 3 box and filled with bright colored Sixlet candies to mirror the famous beads you get during Mardi Gras.
I love sheer can pick these up on sale at your local craft store. I got mine at Joann's many moons ago in every color.  They are so nice and vibrant, love this fuchsia one!
The sentiment I used just seemed appropriate, however I am in desperate need of a new black INK PAD! can you tell? lol
The sentiment is from Another Year older, and I added it to a Candy Charm and Banner Die.
Here is a side view of the delicious (actually I dont like sixlets, they are nasty) candy lol!

Friday, July 18, 2014

2nd Annual Hello Kitty Blog hop!

It's our 2nd Annual Hello Kitty Blog Hop!  Are you as excited as we are??

Hello Kitty is such an iconic character to so many people, we just had to do another hop in her honor!
Today's hop is sponsored by SvgCuttingFiles and Jaded Blossom, so sit back, relax and enjoy the creations the team has made!

This Hop will be open for 48 HOURS (unlike our normal 24 hours) in honor of it the 2nd year!!
What is also exciting is that this hop has co-ordinating stamps from Jaded Blossom!

THESE files are only available to those that qualify and ends 
PROMPTLY on Saturday July 19th at 11:59 PST


1- FOLLOW all EIGHTEEN (18) blogs in this hop
See side bar for ways to follow
2- COMMENT on all EIGHTEEN stops letting the owner know what you thought of their project!
3- Go to the REQUEST Files link once you have completed these steps at the END of the hop.  Fill the form out correctly and wait for your files to be delivered! 
(can take up to 72 hours)

And now for my Project!
Ok Ok.. Im STILL having Breaking Bad Withdrawals... (lol)
It was such an amazing show, and I do so miss it.  To honor my love for the character Jesse Pinkman, (who you may recall I did back in February for Candace's Birthday Blog Hop)... here is Hello Kitty as Jesse.
So the Jesse Hello Kitty is Free during this blog hop ONLY (ends promptly 11:59 PST Saturday July 19th)
I used the Can of Worms Cutting File (just scaled down and without the lid) to make the "money barrel".
Of course I used the new HELLO HELLO stamps for my sentiment and for 1/2 of my candy kisses.  The Other 1/2 of the kisses I used the radiation icon from Science Candies
The Sentiment Hello Sugar is stamped on one of the flags from Candy Charms & Banners
I wrapped the kisses in some blue cellphone, as everyone that watches the show knows that Jesse and Mr. White's signature is the BLUE!
Another angle of my cute Hello Kitty Breaking Bad kitty!
Now on to your next stop, click the cute image below to be taken there!

In case you get lost and need to find your way....
Blog Line Up

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Quick Thank You Cards

Hi everyone... a quick thank you card I whipped up for my son to give his Grandma and he just got his first brand new car  (squeals of excitement)....  Little boy all grown up!

Materials Used:

(Inside) Jaded Blossoms BEEP BEEP..forgot to take inside picture and have already gave the cards out!
That is what happens when I rush and make a quick card!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jersey in the House... Squaredy Cat style that is!!

Hi everyone...
With the SVG Cutting Files DT having a ball with all the Squaredy Cats states this month, I just had to get in on it too.....
No, I am NOT from New Jersey....
Florida born and raised...but for some reason, this little kitty just spoke to me......
maybe its his cool hat on backwards with the price tag still on it...or his awesome shades...  doesn't really matter.. I just think he is CUTE CUTE!

So I decided to make my little guy on a Card Playing Box (treat box style of course!)

So here is my super cute colorful Squaredy Cat (New Jersey) -available this Friday.  I cut the Card Playing Box out of PTI Kraft paper and then matted some Echo Park Paper to the front and sides.
Jaded Blossom has some fun sentiments for game night... so I choose to use a cute sentiment from Go Team and put it on a mini flag from the Candy Charms and Banners Dies.  
I wrapped some Mandarin twine around the box, stuck the kitty on an action wobble and added some homemade sprinkles in green.
Now since I plan to send this off to a special person (you will know who you are when you get it, lol)..I filled with a mixture of Hershey Nuggets and Kisses.  The Kisses of course are all stamped with the awesome kitty paw print from the Kitty Kitty Stamp set!