Friday, June 27, 2014

Rio Mini Blog Hop!

Welcome to our RIO Mini Blog Hop!

Do you like or LOVE the Movie Rio/Rio2?  If so, you are in the right place!
Today's hop is sponsored by SvgCuttingFiles and Jaded Blossom, so sit back, relax and enjoy the creations the team has made!

There are only EIGHT stops on this mini hop, so please make sure you follow the GUIDELINES to earn the files being offered up today ONLY!


1- FOLLOW all EIGHT (8) blogs in this hop
See side bar for ways to follow
2- COMMENT on all EIGHT stops letting the owner know what you thought of their project!
3- Go to the REQUEST Files link once you have completed these steps at the END of the hop.  Fill the form out correctly and wait for your files to be delivered!

And now for my Project!
I decided to make LUIZ the dog!  I would have like to make him with the Fruit hat (ha ha)..but that was just going to be too time consuming, so I opted for his drool face instead!
I wanted to use some Vellum..and bought some to play with..I love it as his DROOL!
I placed Luiz (free today ONLY) on one of the Circle Trio Card Bases.  I love the chocolate and blue color combo!  Jaded Blossom has a funny stamp in their Funny Mail set that I just knew would be perfect for drool loving Luiz.  I also took the paw print from Kitty Kitty to stamp int he center.  Tied it off with some twine...and that's all folks!

In case you get lost and need to find your way....
Blog Line Up

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We Go Together..... like Eggs and Bacon

Hi everyone! Here is a quick card I made this afternoon... ummmmm... for my anniversary... YES I nearly forgot! ha ha...
I used the SUPER Cute We go Together Cutting File, stamped some kawaii face stamps...and used the We Go Together Stamp set.  This stamp set is soooo has EVERYTHING on it!!
I simply cut a a2 card shape...and then used the amazing Card mat dies to make a mat.  I then used the Wine Tag Die for another mat layer to match and tie in the Flag dies that have the sentiment on it.

Finished it off with some Doodlebug Sprinkles and a red gross-grain bow edged in white stitching.

Thanks for stopping by!! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Video Gamer Blog Hop - Sac Boy & Shadow!

Hi there and welcome to our amazing Video Gamer Blog Hop!
Do you like to game?  Well if so, you are in for a REAL Treat!!

If you arrived at this "level" that means you must have successfully completed the last one, otherwise, you will need to RESET and start at the beginning with Michelle

As any video gamer knows, you can only complete the game by beating all levels to eventually get to the Boss level.  Our blog hop today is set up on that 'idea', with each stop being a level to complete.

To COMPLETE this level, here is all you need to do!
1- FOLLOW this blog you are currently reading (see side bar for ways this blog allows you to follow)
2- COMMENT on this blog post, letting the owner know how much you enjoyed the project they shared with you today!
3- Go to the NEXT  LEVEL once you have completed these steps!

And now for my PROJECTS! (yea as in more than one!)

First I whipped up this Yoshi Treat Bag...
Yoshi eats apples, spits fireballs and is just cute as can be...sooooo I added him to the Fancy Topper and stamped from Mexican Food, You're One Hot Tamale, as I filled the 3 X 4 bag with, you got it,...HOT TAMALES!  Oh, I stamped it on a small die from Mini tag Dies!
YOSHI FILE IS FREE TODAY ONLY, if you participate correctly!!
Close up of Yoshi!

Sorry to disappoint, but although I grew up on the Nintendo System ...
 I totally think SAC BOY from Little Big Planet is the CUTEST thing ever and I enjoyed playing along (although I sucked at it) with my son.  For those not familiar with this game, you can customize your Sac Boy with tons of outfits and accessories.... my final character was actually an adorable Bunny I called Lola..... So is the base Sac Boy... I just think he is tooooo cute!

I made an adorable card & treat box for Sac Boy!

For my card, I took the Sac Boy file and enlarged it and cut it from the chest down. 
 I wanted him big on the card.  I then placed him on the Oval Card Base.  
I masked off a sentiment from Lunchbox Notes 2 and placed it on a mini banner die.
 Oh yea..I twine stitched his head!!

Next, I made a treat container for Sac Boy.  I knew I wanted to incorporate the "world" somehow, so I took the Pig In Barrel file, and slightly altered it to give it a lid to make a closed box. 
 I cut some continent shapes and added them to my "globe".  
Again, I masked the sentiment from Lunch Box Notes 2 - this time adding it to a flag die and wrapping it  around a straw.  I also stamped For A Special Boy   on a smaller die from the Card mat Dies.  
Tied some Twine from my stash, as well as some Monster Skin ribbon
Filled the container with kisses stamped with Treat Haul (from Beep Beep Candies) and Yummy For Your Tummy (from Gingerbread Candies).  I LOVE how he came out!

Next I made a character from the SEGA game system.....Shadow the Hedgehog...yes SHADOW, not SONIC... hee hee
I don't know why, but Shadow was more mysterious and less annoying to me then Sonic! 
So, as any one who has played these games... getting the Chaos Emerald is a MUST, so, I had to incorporate an Emerald in here somewhere!

I took the Shadow cut file and added him to the new Ornate Tube Holder.  I just opted to stick the Emerald box instead of a tube into the holder.  I think it looks pretty cool!  I stamped a fun sentiment from NERD on a Mini Flag Die, and then filled the container with some small treats!

Now remember, the Sac Boy & Shadow files are FREE today only upon HOP completion and you defeating BOWSER and rescuing Princess Hop along to you next level!

Complete Line Up for you in case a RESET /Save Point is needed
Mel (mini boss level #1)
Trixie (mini boss level #2)
Annie (mini boss level #3)
Candace (Boss Level - End Game)