Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Raising Autism Awareness.... Squaredy Cat Style

Hmmmmmmmmmm.... why is this post one of a personal nature to me? 
 I LOVE and live with some afflicted by AUTISM

Autism is not the same for every family that is diagnosed with it.  
There are different levels to this neurological disability, and I live with a nearly 16 year old son with it.
I love my son to the moon and back (times infinity.)  
He is an amazing kid with an amazing smile and the most contagious laugh I have ever heard. 
 His name is Colin.  He is one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world.

To all the families living with this diagnosis, a big round of applause goes out to you, as I know the struggles, fears, anxiety, AND the love, laughter and joy you experience.  I am so VERY blessed to have an amazing team that work with my son on a daily basis both during school hours and after school for therapy.  I thank EVERYONE at BHS and to Carol and Dan.  You will forever be an important factor in our family and our lives.  Thank you for all you do for my sweet boy, Colin.

HELP CONTINUING AWARENESS BY PETITIONING TO CONGRESS to HELP SAVE AUTISM FUNDING... This is a growing epidemic we can no longer avoid!! 

When I saw the Squaredy Cat Autism Awareness cat last year, it was my ULTIMATE favorite one they have ever created.  I have posted it on my FB wall, have it saved as my desktop wallpaper, etc.  I just LOVE anything that brings awareness to Autism, and this one is done in such a CUTE way!

So my simple project today was the Autism cat as a treat topper.
Ok didnt START off this way, as its quite larger then a normal treat topper I would make. It initially was to be a card..but I just did not like the card base I had it on. So then I thought.. CANDY STICK treat.. hmmm..yea it was way too big for the 1 X 8 then I opted for the treat topper, as I was clearly running out of time.    
The Autism Squaredy Cat will be available in the store on Friday.
He is soo cute, and well worth the effort of all the pieces involved.

He is on the Fancy Topper Die from Jaded Blossom, and I put some Dessert Skittles in the 3 X 4 Clear bags.
The Fight for a Cure has really GREAT sentiments in regards to raising awareness, so I chose "Stand Behind the Ribbon" for my mini die.
Close up of the Squaredy Cat Cut File
Close up of the Jaded Blossom Stamp and Die


Kate said...

Super cute kitty. I hope the Congress passes it.

Misty Morgan said...

What a wonderful story Ann and such a darling topper. You are truly blessed in many ways with your beautiful son and all your wonderful creations. Hugs!

Larelyn said...

Love the project, absolutely support the cause!
PS - yes, I signed!

Unknown said...

Love your project. I signed! This is a wonderful cause to support. You are a wonderful person. Thank you for all you do.

Michelle said...

These is so freaking cute !!! And you are one amazing mommy to be strong for your kids :D

GiGi said...

This is so super cute! And you are one AMAZING woman♡♡♡

Debbie said...

this is so cute, you are one amzing mom your son is very lucky to have you as his mom, as I know you are so very proud of him

Debbie said...

this is so cute, you are one amzing mom your son is very lucky to have you as his mom, as I know you are so very proud of him

Lady Bug Stampers said...

Wow what a fantastic project. Your candy topper is great! Stay strong for your amazing son and you are an amazing mom you go girl!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing. I love anything that brings awareness to autism. I myself had never even heard of it until my son was diagnosed at the age of three. He is now 11 years old.He is my rock. I have learned so much from him especially patience. I fight for him everyday so that he may treated fairly at school, after school, etc. We too have a wonderful group of people that work with him in the summers and after school. We are so fortunate to have them in our lives. Your post touched me.

Mrs.X said...

I love this!! More than words can say!! My 2 sibling deal with autism, each day is a huge battle for them to try to function. I love this!!! Thanks for sharing!

Freda said...

Peg-Leg Freda Cannon here. Loving your pirate bootie...thanks for sharing.