Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Copic Marker Storage

Hi again! Annie here....

Well, sometimes we have to make due with what we have, right? Try to recycle and save money...well that is what I did with my new Copic marker storage solution!

I have 2 Copic Wallet Organizers... but hated that I had to carry around 2 of them when I was working...and it never failed... I always opened the one that didn't have the colors I needed... such a pain!

Quite some time ago, I scored these really great storage organizers at my local Tuesday Morning store.  They are not colors I would normally pick out if I was using them for home decor or anything...but they were 80% off at the I just snatched them up figuring they would be great for my scraps and stuff.  Im sooo glad I got them!!

So... as my Copic Marker collection increased, I knew that I wanted a new storage solution.  I had a few ideas in mind...but most of them involved buying new crates/systems to work.  At first I was just going to ask the hubby to make me a wooden box with dividers (like a pencil holder) .... but then I thought... "hmmm, no"... only because I wanted it to be portable, as sometimes I color at the dining table, sometimes while watching TV etc....

Then it dawned on me... my Storage containers from Tuesday Morning.  I have various sizes and styles..but settled on the catch all with the I can easily carry it from room to room.  So that settled that...but HOW was I going to keep the markers in there?

Then I came across a lighting crate at Home Depot.  Its about $12 and pretty big in sheet size. I knew we would have to cut it down to size..but I also realized that if my collection grew least I would have left over crate to grow as I needed!

So I gave the puppy dog eyes to the hubby and asked him to cut the crate to fit within my carry tote. It took a matter of 5 mins probably!  The SKETCH markers fit in here nice and snug (angled)..the Ciao Markers wiggle a little..but who cares... I can easily see the marker numbers and easily grab the ones I want to work with!
So what do you think? Not to Shabby for under $17  (yep the crate was $12 - with extra to spare to make about 4 of these babies  and the tote was $5)....sooo all in all..quite the bargain.
 I paid way more for ONE Copic Brand Wallet!!

I hope this gives you some ideas or inspiration to organize your Copic markers!


D- said...

Great idea. TFS.
Crafty hugs,

jessica said...

This is an awesome idea!!!! Looks amazing Annie!!!

Crystal said...

Super cute idea! You are awesome!!

Melissa said...

Great idea!