Saturday, January 21, 2017

Minion Layout for the Mini Happy Planner

Hi Everyone!  Been a while since I posted!

First let me start of with a HUGE confession!
I never got "planner" people.  I would see the things that were being done and think... WHY?
It was not about the layouts and making it pretty because everyone has the cutest stuff. No, for me it was trying to understand the reasoning behind a few things I was seeing.  I could not understand the TIME that must go into putting a layout together, for something that you would discard at the end of the year (you see, for me, at the end of the year, I ditch my old paper calendars!!).  I couldn't fathom people were spending hours on end decorating their planners when they could have been DOING what they were "planning" to do.  I also HONESTLY did not see how you can plan to get "gas" on a certain day that has not happened yet.  I would actually kind of laugh and say to myself, "Well I hope she doesn't need gas Tuesday, otherwise she is screwed since her planner specifically says to fill up on Thursday!"
So yes, that was my way of thinking and how I could not wrap my head around the things I was seeing. Yep, it made NO sense to me.  I just didnt get it. 

Overtime, as you hardcore planner peeps now, planners just got bigger and bigger and people started using them for more and more things.  Some of it clicked (just not all of it), and I wanted to make cute and sassy things too!

Since I work and design for many different companies,  you can only imagine what my calendars would look like in trying organize who is to post on what day, which items to release in our web-store, etc.  I was not going to pay through the nose for a planner when the Dollar Tree Calendars served a purpose in that way.  Yes my dollar "find" looked like a hot mess with doodles and cross out of things all over it, so to invest in Erin Condren didn't make ANY sense to me.  And I kind of went on my merry way.

THEN THIS HAPPENED!  Fast forward to The Happy Planner and my introduction to it!
OMG... its ADORABLE, its AFFORDABLE and I can work with it!  Not to mention I got all my plannerss ON SALE.. so HECK yea... I can wing this and justify it!
So.. I am now the owner of several Happy Planners!
And yes, the addiction is real!  
Luckily I have collected washi for some time, just NEVER really used it!  So now.. SCORE & Win!  

I basically use the mini planner to keep track of the all the doctor appointments I help with for my mom and my son.
Trust me, between these two, I feel like I LIVE in medical facilities!

This weeks spread is dedicated for my son, as he has a hospital visit coming.  Im really over the hospital at this point (lol).. not from a lack of the staff or the capabilities... just simply the fact of it emotionally draining me!

So its quite despicable to be back so soon after the last visit, so the Minions were a perfect choice!

I got the Minion sticker pack at the Dollar Spot in Target.
The washi I have had for ages and I can not really say where they are all from. however the Mini Washi is from Queen & Co!

Hope you like my spread (before the ink of course)
Here are a few close ups!

the cutest Minion washi!

Just cut a piece of yellow glitter cardstock to cover the end box.


Melissa said...

Just makes you happy to see! Hope you enjoy your new hobby. :)

Sue from Oregon said...

I called my daughter this weekend to pick me up a planner and put it in the mail...can't wait to get it!

GiGi said...

I LOVE THIS spread! SO DARN CUTE and I am happy to share the "planner addiction" journey with you :D